The easy way to release & update indie Mac apps.

An automated pipeline designed to make distributing apps with Sparkle easier to maintain and collaborate on.

Seamless workflow

Create a changelog, upload your new App archive and push it live without leaving the GitHub UI. It's perfect for teams building and releasing together.

Automatic certificate management

Supply Bump with a Sparkle private key and it will take care of creating signatures for updates. Your private key never leaves GitHub’s encrypted secrets store.

Built for Sparkle

Sparkle has become the standard release mechanism for indie Mac developers. Bump has been built from the ground up to be the perfect companion toolchain.

DevOps included

Bump uses Terraform under the hood to take care of provisioning infrastructure. All you need to bring is your own AWS account.

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Release a new version in three steps


Write your changelog

Bump lets you write YAML and Markdown in the same file to streamline the authoring process.

version: "1.2.0"---
## New in this version
We've added some amazing new features and fixes|

Open a pull request

Commit your new version metadata alongside the new version of your app and open your pull request for review.

Release 1.2.0 #8


almonk wants to merge 1 commit into main


Bump takes care of the rest

As soon as your pull request is merged, Bump gets to work; processing your update, signing your app binary and releasing the update on your AWS S3 infrastructure. All automatically.

Merge PR on GitHub
Run GitHub Actions
Apply Terraform
Deploy S3 bucket
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