Sleeve Overview

Sleeve is a desktop accessory (or utility) that allows you to control and view music played from a supported music app. Sleeve is inspired by some of our favorite golden-age Mac software, including Bowtie and Coversutra.

Sleeve is not a macOS "Widget" and does not appear in Notification Center, instead appearing at the Desktop level (or floating above other windows).

System requirements

Sleeve requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later. Sleeve ships as a Universal Binary with support for both Intel-based and Apple Silicon chips.

Supported apps

Sleeve only works with the following music apps:

Sleeve will not work with the web player versions of these apps, nor any unofficial clients. You must have the native macOS apps installed (and ensure they're run from /Applications).

If you're a developer interested in integrating your app with Sleeve you can take a look at our guide for developers.

Support for other apps

We're always looking to integrate with additional apps, however not all apps support AppleScript, which Sleeve currently uses to fetch information and control playback.

The following apps aren't supported for this reason:

  • Tidal
  • YouTube Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Sonos Player

If there's an app you'd like to see Sleeve support, you can request it by emailing [email protected]