Your currently playing music, styled your way, right on the desktop.

  • Made for macOS, with support for —
  • Apple Music
  • Spotify
  • Doppler

Requires macOS 11 Big SurA compatible music app must be running

Desktop Wallpaper
You Don't Know My NameWelcome to the MadhouseTones And I
MacBook Base
MacBook Base

Super customizable

Plenty of preferences to let you change anything about Sleeve.

sizestylepositionlayouttrack infoNewplayback controls

Theme it your way

Customize Sleeve to fit your preferences.

Adjust every aspect of Sleeve’s interface.


Change the basics like artwork size, text size and corner radius, plus details like the shadow styles, alignment, text color and more.

Sleeve updates smoothly in place with every change you make.

Customize track information, playback controls, alignment, text justification and more to match your preferred layout.

Pin Sleeve to any screen corner, accounting for the Dock position, Menu Bar presence and screen layout.

Built for macOS

A native app designed to fit your desktop.


Control music playback directly from the Sleeve interface.

Show the album artwork right in the Dock icon or hide it entirely.

Preview the album view in realtime as you edit your preferences.

A clean modern design, with a Dock icon and Dark Mode to match.

Sleeve sits at the desktop level and can stay there, out of the way.

Sleeve supports multiple displays and can be pinned to any of them.


Choose to bring Sleeve to the front when the music changes.

A lightweight, native Swift app, with tight macOS integration.

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Upgrade instantly as we ship updates and additional features.


Does Sleeve need access to my Spotify or Apple Music account?
There’s no authentication required — Sleeve interacts directly with the Spotify or Apple Music apps as long as they're open on your Mac.
Why does Sleeve ask to control Spotify/Apple Music when it first launches?
Sleeve needs this system permission in order to fetch information from the apps. All we fetch is the current track info and whether or not the apps are open and playing.
Why does Apple Music support work best with macOS 11.3?
A recent macOS 11.3 update improves AppleScript support in Apple Music. If you're on an earlier macOS version, we may not be able to get the track details unless you're only playing local files.

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