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Sleeve updated to 2.1

7th February 2023

The first update since our major new release, with expanded features for, and even more customization options for typography.

Recent tracks in SleeveNew font options in Sleeve

We've loved seeing the response to Sleeve 2 so far, and we're so grateful for all the support and feedback we've received since the launch at the end of last year. We've been working hard to make Sleeve even better, and we're excited to share what's new in the 2.1 update.

New features

Recently scrobbled tracks

Firstly, we've added recently scrobbled tracks to the integration interface so you can keep an eye on your listening history without opening your web browser.

Selective scrobbling

Next, we had several requests to allow for selective scrobbling, so we've added new toggles that let you choose which music apps you want to scrobble to from. This could be useful if you use multiple apps but only want one of them to scrobble on macOS.

Custom scrobble point

Previously, Sleeve would scrobble a track when it had been playing for half the track's duration. Now, you can choose to scrobble a track when it has been playing anywhere between 50% and 100%.

New typography choices

Refreshed font styles

We're including support for additional font options for track text by adding a new monospaced font style, plus extended options for 'condensed' and 'expanded' sans-serif styles.

The new monospaced font is available for everyone, and the 'condensed' and 'expanded' sans-serif styles require macOS Ventura.

Additional typographic options

Alongside these new font styles, you can also now customize the letter spacing of track text, and even the capitalization, including 'all caps' and 'small caps' options.

You'll also see an updated interface where font selection and these new customizations are even easier to play with.

Bug fixes and improvements

There's also a handful of improvements we've made along with the usual bug fixes and performance optimizations.

Update now available

This update is available now! If you've purchased from us directly, if you haven't been prompted already, you can manually check for updates in the 'System' tab of Sleeve. For App Store users, you should see the update available in your 'Updates' tab in the Mac App Store.

Mac App Store

No subscriptions. No in-app purchases. Requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later.

We'll have plenty more updates to come, but we wanted to say a huge thanks once again to everyone who has purchased, upgraded to, or given us feedback on Sleeve — it's always appreciated!

Al & Hector