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Sleeve 2

The ultimate music accessory for your Mac.

Sleeve sits on the desktop, displaying and controlling the music you’re currently playing in Apple Music, Spotify, and Doppler.

Mac App Store

No subscriptions. No in-app purchases. Requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later.

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New in2.0

Unlimited themes.

Themes in Sleeve make creating and switching between customizations easy. Share your own creations with friends and install as many themes as you like with just a double-click.

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Change it up

Switch between themes with just a click.

Modify the built-in themes or create your own using Sleeve’s extensive preferences.

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Export your themes and share them with friends using the handy new Sleeve Theme file format.

Install themes from anywhere with a double-click or a drag and drop.


Countless ways to customize.

Customization is at the core of the Sleeve experience — choose from any combination of design choices, behaviors and settings to make Sleeve at home on your desktop.


Scale artwork all the way up or all the way down. Round the corners or leave them square.

Choose shadow and lighting effects to bring your album artwork to life.

Or hide it completely.


Pick the track info you want to display, and then exactly how to display it.

Choose the fonts, weights, sizes, and transparency to use for each line, along with customizing color and shadow.


Customize the layout, alignment and position to fit your setup.

Show and hide playback controls. Add a backdrop layer and customize it.


Decide if Sleeve stays out of the way, behind windows, or in front of them — or only when you need to see it.

Show it in the Dock, choose from custom icons, or keep it on the Desktop only.

Set your custom keyboard shortcuts and integrate with the apps you use.


Like, Scrobble.

Sleeve integrates with so you never miss a track. Simply sign in and start scrobbling. account required

With Sleeve 2 you can now like tracks in Spotify, without ever having to switch away from Sleeve.

A free Spotify Developer account is required

Sleeve integrates directly with Apple Music, Spotify and Doppler. Control playback, like tracks and adjust volume seamlessly.

View the quick guide to connecting Sleeve to your Spotify account.

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Want to use Sleeve with your favorite music app?

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Keyboard ShortcutsNew

Play all the right keys.

All-new in Sleeve 2 are custom keyboard shortcuts to control everything from playback, liking tracks, and your music app’s volume — with a custom HUD for feedback.

Image of album artwork

To Feel Again / Trois

Jon Hopkins

Next track
Previous track
Like track
Volume up
Volume down
Bring to front
Feature List

A catalogue of hits.

Redesigned, top to bottom.

Sleeve's settings have been re-imagined from top to bottom, making them easy to find and change.

The new Settings window blends modern macOS interface guidelines with our own custom components.

Sleeve ships with 7 of our own themes which you can switch between with a click.

For the first time, save your customizations as Themes — then export and share them.

Built-in search to help find and jump to any of the settings you're looking for.

Light and Dark Mode support for theme creation, as well as across the app itself.

Preview every little adjustment you make.

Rebuilt from the ground up, the new Preview is at the centre of the new Sleeve experience.

Every change you make happens in realtime, with quick toggles for switching system appearances.

Add subtle new lighting effects to bring more depth to album artwork.

All the settings.

Dozens of new settings to give you ultimate control over the look and feel of Sleeve.

Style Sleeve your way, tweaking the appearance until it matches your desktop perfectly.

Add and customize playback controls, with new hover effects.

Customize each line of track info with new font and styling options.

Choose styling options based on your system appearance.

Pin Sleeve to any desktop corner or edge, across any active displays.

Connect to your account and scrobble every track you listen to.

Keep Sleeve above or below other windows, or float on track change.

Support for Apple Music Radio stations, including live streaming radio.

Let Sleeve automatically move to avoid the Dock.

Choose between multiple icon styles in the Dock, or none at all.

Made for Mac.

Designed from the beginning to work perfectly with macOS, from Big Sur to Sonoma — on Intel and Apple Silicon.

Built natively with Swift and Swift UI.

Now also available in the Mac App Store.

Support for high contrast and reduced motion.

Hotkey support to control Sleeve with your keyboard.

Themes sync across devices via iCloud automatically.

Native HUD window displays feedback.

Image of album artwork

To Feel Again / Trois

Jon Hopkins

Misson Control and fullscreen support.

Optimized for low CPU usage.

Image of a MacBook Air M2

Crafted for macOS.

Image of the Sleeve album view when horizontal
Image of the Sleeve album view when vertical
Image of the Sleeve album view when stacked
Mac App Store

No subscriptions. No in-app purchases. Requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later.


Have questions that need answers?

Replay's a tiny two person team — if you need some support for Sleeve, check the docs first and then, if you email us, include as much information as you can!

For any enquiries you can email us at [email protected]


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